Sadness is the error of the evolution

Thoughts are vanishing when basic instincts appear in our brain

Recently my friend, Andrzej Wodyn Roszkowski, who is performing and coaching Power Lifting, has suggested that sadness must be an evolution’s mistake and has been develop only to cover the outstanding mental capacity of humans brain.

He based that on a fact whenever somebody is tired enough to perform intense sport reactions the brain seems to be loosing any interest in all sad feelings and is only focused on high performance. At the same that would prove that best way of treating depression shall be extreme workout so intense that there would be no place for sadness.

Having currently seen so many people using our counselling, psychiatric treatment services at Private Doctors Clinic, I start to think this could be an alternative of somehow. It is just a thought but maybe it’s one of those that shall be promoted to get the people to smile more often with genuine intension of positive attitude?

My sport being the volleyball I shall have no sadness after a game at all, even if it would be a lost one.

by MPD


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